Sizzler Night

Available Every Wednesday

Served on a sizzling skillet - with stir fried vegetables and served with chips and rice

Cock & Bull Sizzler £9.95

The Classic! Strips of chicken, steak in a peppercorn sauce

Tandoori chicken in chilli tomato sauce £9.75

Barbeque chicken and pulled pork £10.45

Steak and mushroom with port and stilton £11.75

Sweet chilli steak strips £10.95

Cajun spiced chicken £9.25

Shredded duck with hoi sin sauce £11.95

Pork and pineapple in sweet and sour sauce £10.95

King prawn with soy, lime and chilli £11.75

Sweet potato, butternut squash, chilli, & pineapple in a sweet chilli sauce £8.85 (Vegan)