The Kraken Black Spiced Rum 40% ABV £3.15

It has an extraordinarily rich, spicy flavour. Named for the legendary sea monster, Kraken is a blend of Caribbean rums that should certainly suit any fans of rich, navy-style rum.

Sailor Jerry Spiced Caribbean Rum 40% ABV £2.95

A spiced rum created by the famed tattoo artist 'Sailor Jerry' Collins. Vanilla spice, butter, oak, cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger. Drying and sweet on the palate with notes of winter spice and black pepper, toffee.

Havana Club Anejo Especial 40% ABV £2.95

Añejo Especial is made from oak aged aguardientes. It is a great Cuban rum.

Bacardi Superior 37.5 % ABV £2.50

A unique strain of yeast discovered in the Cuban sugarcane fields is used to produce Bacardi Superior rum. The rum is filtered through charcoal, a process pioneered by Bacardi, before and after it is aged in oak barrels for at least one year.

Captain Morgan’s 40% ABV £2.50

The Original Rum is a premium blend of five rum marques from three different Caribbean countries, creating rich complexity of flavour. With its intense colour and rich caramel and vanilla notes, the full-bodied taste is perfect for those who seek authentic adventure with their crew.

Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Gold 35% ABV £2.75

Smooth and medium bodied, Captain Morgan's Spiced Gold gets its distinct richness and amber color from blending aged dark rum and spices.

Woods Old Navy 57% ABV £3.50

An excellent overproof pot-still Navy rum from Guyana, aged for up to three years in oak. With its rich demerara and toffee flavour.