We serve breakfast between 10am and 12 noon everyday of the year... except Christmas day!
All our main breakfasts are named after people in our family and team and come with a freshly ground cup of coffee, tea or a glass of orange juice.
Choose how you want your eggs ... fried, poached or scrambled
Please inform us is anyone in your party has a food allergy before ordering.

Matt’s Breakfast £9.95

Two pork sausages, two rashers of bacon, Lancashire black pudding, baked beans, two free range eggs, grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, hash browns, & toast

Ellie’s Breakfast £7.95

Two pork sausages, two rashers of bacon, two free range eggs, hash browns, baked beans and toast

Molly’s Breakfast £4.95

A sausage, a rasher of bacon, a free range egg, baked beans and toast

Rosie’s Breakfast £6.75

Traditional pancakes or toasted waffles, with streaky bacon & maple syrup 
or with Nutella chocolate spread

Gemma’s Breakfast £7.25

Eggs Benedict – toasted roll topped with poached eggs, bacon & smothered in Hollandaise sauce

Dan’s Fully Loaded Breakfast Bagel £6.95

Sausage, bacon, hash browns and a fried egg

Pat’s Breakfast £7.95

Smoked Salmon, creamy scrambled eggs, served with brown bread & butter

Mike’s Breakfast £7.25

Omelette with a choice of cheese, ham, bacon, onion, mushrooms, peppers or tomatoes (choose any three), with toast

Goldies’s Breakfast £8.95

Two pork sausages, two rashers of bacon, two free range eggs, two hash browns, chips, baked beans and toast

Fully loaded vegetarian £7.95

Two quorn sausages, two free range eggs, baked beans, pan fried mushrooms, hash browns, grilled tomatoes and toast

Something a Bit Smaller

Bacon & eggs on toast, £4.50
Sausage, eggs, & beans, £4.75
Scrambled eggs on toast, £3.95
Bacon sandwich £2.95
Sausage sandwich £2.95
Bacon and egg sandwich £3.95
Sausage and egg sandwich £3.95
Coffee £2.45,
Latte £2.95
Cappuccino £2.95,
Espresso £2.25
Double Espresso £3.95,
A Pot of Breakfast Tea £1.95,
Flavored Teas £2.45
Hot Chocolate £2.95